Not Sure When to Change your Spark Plugs? Look for These Signs

The only possibility car drivers think of when their vehicle isn’t starting is a battery problem. It’s important to note that there are other possible reasons why you’re having trouble starting your car. One of them could be faulty or old spark plugs. When did you last check your spark plugs? Perhaps you’ve always overlooked or ignored these parts since they don’t seem to be of much importance compared to other parts. The truth is that spark plugs are integral to any finely tuned car engine.

Your fuel economy and engine performance will be impacted by the condition of your spark plugs which is why they should be properly maintained. You should also have them replaced when necessary. Spark plugs play a significant role in the ignition process within the cylinders and should be inspected, cleaned, or replaced when necessary. Here are signs that you need to change your spark plugs.

Your Car has Trouble Starting

As mentioned, many people often consider a battery problem to be the only that could be causing their car not to start. It’s important that you check your spark plugs as they could be faulty or worn. Remember there’s no way your car will move when your vehicle’s spark plugs can’t produce the spark needed for the ignition process. Be sure to check these parts before ruling them out as the cause of the problem. They could be damaged, old, or worn and need changing.

High Fuel Consumption

What you might have never realized is that when your spark plugs are old and worn out, they’ll start taking it out on your gas mileage. It’s simple, they’re not able to burn the fuel going into the engine effectively. As soon as you notice your car’s fuel economy has decreased, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with incomplete combustion as a result of deteriorated spark plugs. Having your spark plugs changed will get your vehicle to its optimum fuel consumption level.

Your Car won’t Accelerate Quickly

You can always tell when your car is accelerating poorly, can’t you? There’s a way you’ve become accustomed to and you’ll know when there’s any difference. If your car stops being responsive as you’re accustomed to, especially when accelerating, you could be dealing with worn spark plugs that need replacing.

The engine has a Rough Idle

If there’s a rattling or pinging noise coming from your engine, the problem could be with your spark plugs. Usually, your engine should produce a constant and smooth sound when it’s functioning properly. Any changes in this sound, particularly a rough and jittery sound, should warrant an inspection on your spark plugs to prevent any costly damage.

Engine Misfire

You can easily recognize when your car engine misfires, can’t you? If your engine misfires more often, then you have a serious misfire problem. Whenever your vehicle halts for a split second before it continues its usual movement, it means there’s a problem with your spark plugs. Either one or more of your spark plugs aren’t firing as they should thus affecting the engine power and fuel economy.

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