Essential Steps to Building a Winning Sales Team

To create a culture of a motivated, enthusiastic, and compelling sales team, it starts by building an organization that challenges the team, rewards them, and provides them with an opportunity to grow. I had a look at the operations and coordination of the sales team at Fredericksburg carpet cleaning and I was impressed. They almost ticked right on every button. Salespeople strike differently. They are energetic, competitive, outgoing, and driven by new challenges every day.

If you can find a way of recruiting motivated individuals, and you keep the team engaged and happy, they can make volumes of sales for you. Regardless of your business size and industry, you will need great salespeople to support the growth of your business. Here are some essential tips for building a winning sales team.

Decide on which role to hire

The people you hire form the building blocks of your sales team. You will need to hire top salespeople with reputation and those who will not ruin the company culture. Decide on who to hire, depending on specific skills, habits, traits, and experience level. You also need to specify the role you want to fill. You need to decide if to hire inside sales rep, outside or field sales rep, sales development rep, among others.

Create a job listing that attracts top talent

Ensure you put a clear and descriptive job listing that that tells candidates what their job title is, how many years of experience are required, and what tasks the ideal candidate will be required to do. Put the thought in crafting job descriptions that speak directly to the people you want to hire. Mention the skills and type of experience required. Write clear descriptions the motivate top talent to be interested to join your team.

Screen potential candidates by phone

Your time is very valuable and your schedule is likely going to be very tight. It is important to screen candidates before you can schedule an interview with them. Once you have gotten a list of potential candidates, ensure you screen them with a quick phone call for about 10 minutes. Doing so will give you a sense of candidate’s charisma, their ability to build rapport, and their ability to think on their feet. It will also save you time and money and fasten the hiring process.

Interview the best applicants

The initial phone screen will be brief and the full interview process will be intense. During the interview process, including at least two members of your existing team to ensure they can cancel out any biases and that the right candidates are chosen. Create a reputable interview process so that you can have a consistent benchmark of comparing the current and future candidates. You can use the same set of questions to gauge how different candidates perform.

The final step is to extend an offer to the right candidate. Once you have to spend a lot of time looking for the ideal candidate, turn table on the candidates you have settled on and ask them why you should give them an opportunity to join your company.

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