Common Car Ignition Problems You Need to Understand

dead batteryYou are up early for that meeting, done everything hurriedly, grabbed your car keys and off to the car whistling at your prowess in keeping time just to start the car with no success. It’s like the car is asking for a few more minutes of sleep. What could be the problem? You expect the car up and running immediately you turn on the key but today, things are not the same. You do a silent prayer, think of calling a tow truck but as you contemplate on your nest move, panic starts to seize in. What could be the problem with the car?

A dead battery

This is the most common car ignition problem. It could be anything from a low voltage, loose clamps, and dirty or corroded connectors. When the battery has little power, the car lights may turn on followed by a funny sound when started but this diminishes to a point where there is no light or sound produced when the car is on. This indicates the battery is completely dead. You can jumpstart the car but make sure to take care of the underlying problem.

Low fuel

Low FuelThis should be obvious but it’s still worth checking. Almost every driver has been in this position where the car won’t start but they don’t remember to check the fuel level. If the car has enough fuel, then the problem might be the engine is not getting enough fuel. This can be as a result of a faulty fuel pump. Even if the car doesn’t start, once you turn the key on, the fuel pump should start pumping the fuel and make some noise in the process. If you do not hear anything, this might indicate a problem.

Wheel Lock

Sometimes the wheel lock turns on where the steering is locked for anti-theft purposes. To free it up, ignite the car as you move the steering wheel from side to side until it unlocks.

Starter Circuit Problems

When you ignite the car and it does not start or produce any sound or light, this can indicate a problem with the starter circuit system, starter solenoid or starter assembly. The problem can be faulty wiring, ignition switch, relay system or the clutch switch. This may sound complicated but as long as you are sure it’s not a dead battery, replacing or repairing the starter system may solve the issue.

Worn Out Key

This may be a source of relief knowing that the car is not the problem but the key you are holding. If it is worn out, most probably, you need to replace it.  Other related problems include a worn out ignition cylinder, or faulty transmitters. You may require repairing or replacing them.

It is not always easy detecting car ignition problems. If you have tried everything, the best thing to do is get another mode of transport then have an expert inspect the car later on. The problem may actually not be as bad as it looks.

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